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The Wind of Grace


The Wind of Grace

The Sign of the Wind

The wind of Grace


It is He who sends the winds as good news before His grace; and We send down pure water from the sky.

Note: Winds always carry the sounds of communication; or the breeze of messages; sounds in the wind are audible to the ears; but the messages in the breeze are only perceptible to the mind;  there is an air of relief and solace to the breast when some good feel embraces us, as it breezes past. There is not a single breath in our breathing that does not carry winds of message to our hearts; the winds are solely about the future; and again, the winds are always sayer of good tidings. You are a believer in the glad tidings if you keep up your freeness of mind in relation to the messages your hearts have perceived; and your firmness in your resolve takes you closer to God and godliness for you have acquired this ability to understand His Communications; and it is Him who has elevated you in degree for He took account of your efforts, however meagre and minimum it is, to preserve the God-given calmness during times of perplexities. Thereat the Grace comes down upon the people having such hearts like the water pouring down from the sky on a barren land, that is sure to produce greens of splendor all around.

Patience during testing times is the sure winner of both the world's wealths. The more we endure since the breezes of message has touched our hearts, it is because of His bestow we are able to go past the difficult situation; and this is passing in our testing times. The reward for such passing is the victorious life that shall never see worry or fear in both the worlds; they shall have what they wish for; and whatever they ask of is with them in abundance and with all its freshness.

When we see it is beyond us to endure any further, God knows well our degree of perception and our standard of endurance; and it is that surely He will not test us beyond our level of tolerance. Whoso endures more and more it is because of His allowance of wisdom and therewith the tolerance; He allows this to whoso He is pleased with only to grace them with as much as they worth of His bounties, lasting forever. From such perception, the best of prayers for each of us would be:

"O God! Increase us in our patience and help us pass the test of time; Raise us in degrees and ranks in tolerance and wisdom; make our lives easy and smooth during the times of endurance."

Read the above verse thus:

It is He who sends the WINDS as viable MESSAGES before delivering His GRACE; and We bring down the CREATIVE LIFE FORCE from the sky. 

fazlur rahman

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Latest Myth & Truth

Dear Doctor, Thanks to your divine knowledge, you have been showing the righteous way to come out diseases. In order to maintain good health, do you recommend regular walking? Regards, A. Mohamed Rafi, Kumbakonam. --By A. Mohamed Rafi

Health means "Belief" in the good news of God, without tainting it with the evil whisperings of shaitan which is always against the good news. Believing in this, if you are living for the future with that good news, this means Allah is with you. You start your journey on a very comfortable space walk right away joining with Allah ; and forget the business of physical walking, that cause you to lose even your physical energy. While you get up in the morning, it is the God given energy because of your overnight rest and peace and sleep. If you wish to be grateful to Allah for this blooming life power, then build it up when you wakeup from your sleep. And this is how you would be in the watches of the night.

3:17  The patient, and the truthful, and the grateful, and those who spend benevolently and those who ask forgiveness at dawn.

Are you going to remember Allah who created the life force through the peaceful rest at night He had blessed on you? Or are you going to simply spoil the life force, by joining with the cattle walkers, forgetting Allah totally and without giving a thought why Allah had stored for you the blossoming energy during the heavenly night?

Do not walk; nor do involve in the physical exercises; mind your mental vigil; it is like following the majority population against which Allah admonishes. Follow and obey Allah. Practice 3:17 during the exercise hours; and use all your life force towards remembrance of Allah showing Him your gratitude