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59.18 Body has no life on its own without life-force
59.18 we are the writers of our fate,destiny
59.16 obey Allah the God of the soul
59.16 identify the shaitaans
Breathing happens by God given good news
4.147 Prayer to God will not yield result in man made ways
47.20 Healing thru faith needs waging holy war
2.89 To avoid cursed life be God fearing
58.13 We are forgiven for all our sins.

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Hi Sir, In your speech you said that in Vaccines have half killed bacteria, if we give active bacteria, whether the child will able to survive or able to fight against bacteria if it is full active. The child may die if it fails to kill bacteria. Please share your comments. Thanks, Jagan --By Jagadheeswaran

Vaccines are dangerous

Are vaccines necessary?

If the bacteria are killed or half killed they have lost their virulence to cause the disease each of it can cause; and the immunity develops against the diseases that each bacteria can cause, only when the supposed bacteria are alive and active. This is common sense; but the allopathy bereft of this sense, indulges in vaccines impudently. The dead or killed bacteria having no activity is only circulating in the blood stream with its deadly anatomical particles getting lodged in various tissues of the organs of the human system as foreign bodies or as toxic materials; and since the deadly particles of the bacteria are not biologically viable to the bodily system, they will not be digested or will ever be metabolised or eliminated by the kidneys or through the skin or through the lungs or through the liver. Yet through all these means the body will try to eliminate the deadly particles of the killed bacteria contained in the vaccines with their inherent toxicity. The dangerous situation arises here for the children who receive such killed bacteria as vaccines. In all of these organs of elimination such as kidneys, liver, lungs and skin and the muscles, the toxic substances of the bacteria gets lodged and mix up with the cellular organelles and their genes and converts the cells as antigenic cellular material. This is the starting point of immunity against the original tissues of these organs; from this point develops auto immune diseases such as: muscular dystrophy, kidney failure, liver failure, lung failure and so on until the children become dead. 

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Dear Doctor, This is with reference to a query you have received from Ram Prasadh Narayanan of Coimbatore district. I could understand his agony. I would like to share my experience with the acupuncture specialist, Magi Ramalingam. I and my brother visited him a few times in 2014. During one of the visits, after examining my brother, he told me secretly that my brother has kidney disease and went on to suggest suitable diet. I was somewhat devastated. We found that he had no kidney problem. Now, I would like to ask the following questions: 1.Why do some people ‘diagnose’ wrongly and scare people and mislead patients. This is a big minus point against alternative medicine. I am totally opposed to allopathy but at the same time I am disappointed with the way acupuncture is practiced. Do you think some kind of regulation will help? 2.When some people who have been taking allopathic medicines and when they are disappointed, they seek alternative treatment like acupuncture, homeopathy etc. But by then, their bodies are very much used to the harmful allopathic medicines. As suggested and practiced by many homeopaths, it is advisable to reduce those harmful allopathic medicines gradually while taking other treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy etc Please let me know your thoughts. --By Krishnan

Like diagnosis in allopathy, in every system there is a diagnostic system; in acupuncture the diagnosis is by way of pulse reading; this diagnosis is based on energy movements in different organs such as stomach, spleen, lungs, large intestine, kidneys, urinary bladder, live, gall bladder, small intestine and heart; years before allopathy diagnoses a disease of an organ, acupuncture will diagnose it. Even today most people suffer from headache, abdominal pains and so on; but the allopathy would say seeing their reports as normal while the patient is suffering; finally when there will be serious kidney failure or a gall bladder disease. From acupuncture angle what is said by Magi may be correct or wrong - it is all the insight of the acupuncture doctor concerned.