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Diabetes and Cure
       How to cure diabetes and other Hormone related diseases?
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Metabolic disorders

Dear Readers,


Here is the most important thing that you should know about the myths created by the allopathy about the condition called diabetes.


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is the condition of appearance of abnormal sugar in the blood which in turn appears in the urine.


Why should there be an abnormal sugar?

The abnormal sugar is due to subnormal digestion or poor and imperfect digestion of the food by the stomach and the spleen. As a result the end product of the digestion, the glucose is defective and is of poor quality. Anything that is poor in quality to the nature's system is rejected by the body for it is not his natural self. The body system finds it abnormal and rejects the sugar or glucose as foreign to the body out right. This poor quality bad glucose shall never have to be used by the bodily system ever. Spleen is a very important organ that assesses the product in the stomach whether the digestate ( the digested food material in the stomach ready to be moved on to the beginning part of the small intestine for further digestion )  in the stomach is fit for further use.


The spleen transfers the energy of the digestate in the stomach to the Pancreas for assessment of its final output, the sugar or the glucose. The assessment here is 100% fool proof. When the pancreas assesses that the  result of the further digestion of the digestate will be of poor quality glucose that is it! The pancreas shuts down the release of insulin according to the measure of the quantity of the quality food available in the digestate. Now the digestion proceeds as per the plan and the command by the pancreas. The pancreas does not want this digestate for further use at all. In the absence of insulin the digestion of the digestate becomes poor which means it has to be eliminated. Until such time the food digestate in the stomach and in the intestine is eliminated, there is no further appetite; hunger is reduced; gaseousness fills up the stomach and the intestine; there is constant belching with heart burn; and acidity becomes a constant and troublesome feature; there is distaste in the mouth and constant sour feeling in the tongue; sometimes there is this retching and vomiting feeling. All these symptoms are the fore runners of the impending full fledged diabetes in the next 10 years. If at all you want to prevent the diabetes act here during these 10 years of grace period, starting from the time when you notice for the first time the beginning of any of the symptoms mentioned above in your family members.


Now what to do?

Having known that the cause of diabetes is the bad digestate in the stomach and we also know that the digestate is the churned product of the ingested food in the stomach ready to be moved on to the small intestine after 2 to 3 hours of digestion in the stomach.  Normally the digestion in the stomach should be perfect and it is so unless the food itself is a poison or it is a spoilt food. These are the two very important aspects we concentrate and as far as possible try to eat neat food produced by the good naturally fertile soil. Never eat of the foods that are grown on the ores added; fertilizers sprinkled and chemically nurtured soil. Such foods are clear poisons.


How to remove the poisons ingrained in the food  where there is no natural food?

Now world over the natural food has been spoilt by the addition of the fertilizers and then all such adulterated foods are further poisoned by the treatment of food produces with the inorganic vitamins and non-biological elements like iodine, calcium etc, etc. Let us understand this first from the above. In two ways the modern agricultural science based on the modern medical drug industries of America, poison our foods. One way is by spoiling the soil with chemical fertilizers; so removal of the poisons from the soil produces such as the vegetables and greens is naturally our first priority. The next is the removal of the added impurities like the vitamins, calcium, iodine, etc.


The removal of the poisons from the soil produces:

Take a mud pot and fill it up with normal drinking water. Wait for 24 hours till the water begins to seep through the pores in the mud pot and becomes moist as it oozes on the outer side. We do this because all the bottled water are sterile and absolutely i.e. germ and bacteria free. This means that the sterile water are dead water and has no life in it even to give life to or make survive even as small a germ as a bacteria or a virus. Hence this water is unfit for man for drinking purposes since we will be devoid of life energy if we continue to consume it or use it for cooking purposes. So by the above method we make the water to stay on the mud i.e. to stay on the sand for 24 hours so that the life energy is infused into the water by the natural sand. Keep it airy all 24 hours. As the water is infused with the life energy of the air and sand within 24 to 48 hours the water begins to show signs of life and starts moving finding its way through the pores in the mud pot. Now the water has life. Use this water for cleaning the vegetables and removal of the poisons such as the chemical fertilizers. Soak the vegetables and other eatables just for an hour till they are infused with life energy. This life energy will expel the chemicals to a very great extent. Use the similarly prepared water for cooking and drinking; and you are safe for life without undue suffering from disease; and all chronic diseases will melt away.


The next is removal of poisons such as vitamins, minerals, calcium, iodine, etc. For this prepare the sea water as above in a mud pot for 24 to 48 hours. Wait until the water gets life energy and begins to show signs of life oozing through the outer surface of the pot. Soak all the foods suspicious of being poisoned with the deadly chemicals like iodine, calcium, etc for an hour and then soak them in the drinking water for just one hour. Then start cooking. The food now is poison free. The sea water contains iodine and all minerals having full of life energy which will eliminate all unnatural chemical poisons in no time and replace them all with natural source in perfect proportion.


Eat of the food prepared in such method. This is biologically well sustained and fit for proper digestion and as a result the food in the stomach is a very nutritious digestate. The spleen takes this life energy to the pancreas which receives and respects it by promptly releasing the insulin as much as necessary. No more gaseousness and its associated diseases mentioned in the stating paragraphs of this article. Our state will be the first state to be deprived of the western medicine induced all sorts of auto-immune diseases such as AIDS, myopathy, muscular dystrophy, rheumatiod arthritis, etc leave alone diabetes; none of the people who reads this article and practices the methodology mentioned herein will suffer from thyroid diseases or any hormone related diseases for if diabetes a hormone related disease can be cured following the above principle, then all those hormones related diseases will also be cured like wise. All Praise be to the Wise, the Most High.

To be continued …

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Latest Myth & Truth
Dear Dr Rahman, I am Sundar, Male 51 years, residing at Bangaliore. Ihappen to be a diabeticfor 13 years (poor control!) with a bit of BP and cholestrol. About 2 months back i had a viral infection with joints pain all over my body. The fever went away in a few days, but the joints pain continued. I was told by my GP that this would gradually go away in a few weeks/months. Took some ayurvedic supplements (suggested by the same allopath GP) Ten days later, the joints pain subsided, but my hands and feet became numb, with pricking pain. The GP attributed this to the viral infection and advised to take mecobalamin(B12) tablets/injection, and continued with more ayurvedic supplements.(Dhanavantri & Bruhat chintamani) Meanwhile i met a neurologist for a second assessment, and went through a 'motor nerve conduction test" and was diagnosed as: 1. predominantly motor polyneuroradiculopathy (mixed type) affecting lower and upper limb nerves 2. severe bilateral median neuropathy at the level of wrist consistent with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome The neurologist said this was mostly due to the viral infection, but could be because of poor diabetes control(fast:190, PP:300) also. he added that there was no cure, and that the body would have to heal on its own. My numbness and pain has not subsided, am now trying homeopathy for a week for a cure. would request your assessment and advice, shall be able to come to Chennai for a personal consultation Thanks and have a good day! cordially, Sundar Ramanujam --By Sundar Ramanujam
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