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Regarding diabetes - severely Underweight Hi Sir, My father took the acu touch treatment after taking medicines/Insulin for 2 years. He stopped medicines as per recommendation of Acu doctor.Now he became highly underweight and lost 14kgs [currently 53Kg],further sugar levels are not reduced.However he is energetic and get dizziness rarely.Please suggest how sugar level can be maintained and gain his normal weight. --By thanigaivel
Please consider and value the God-given energy to your father and see not anything else other than this. Whatever be your disease, it is finally the life-energy condition, i.e., vital for life. Be grateful to God and seek His forgiveness and protection from all your diseases from the only God.
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Sir,I am 7 months pregnant.what are all the food and natural intake to keep me healthy to avoid iron and calcium tablets suggested by doctors. Is there any changes to be followed in our lifestyle during pregnancy. I used to practice yoga and walking. Avoided tv and English medicine --By Nithya
Avoid doctors and man invented or instituted yoga, walking, etc. Take good rest mentally and physically which is not possible unless you pray to God. Except for God, none shall provide you with the mental calmness and physical fitness. And that the child in you shall be inspired by God with His Wisdom at the time of its exit from your womb, it should come out without any difficulty while you are at home, peacefully.