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How to cure without medicines?

Dear doctor, may I know how to cure the diseases without medicines. Is it all a frame of mind? Or is it is because of your divine touch? Kindly clarrify, Each and everybody consume allopathic medicines for common cold, headache to diabeties, BP. Without this medicine system how is it possible to control the diseases. What to do with this ever persisting ulcer and stomach problem as I said earlier. Kindly answer this - santhosh g 

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Cannot cure with medicines?
Cure without medicines!

Medicines cannot cure diseases for, all diseases develop from the emotions allowed to cripple the mind. The emotions are worry, grief,  fear, anger, depression and pride.

Each of the above emotions afflicts a particular organ in our body system. For example, worry affects the stomach for, worry strikes our mind when we find ourselves insecure. If we find there is no guarantee to our stomach in the future instantly the emotion worry grips our heart. So the worry is created from the stomach; unless the stomach is guaranteed with the security that it will have its food for good, there is no way the emotion worry could ever be eliminated. As long as the worry keeps bruising the mind, the ulcer bruises in the stomach can not be cured. Therefore the causative factor of all stomach ailments is due to the emotional worry residing in the heart, created by the stomach. Thus we understand that the stomach ailments are caused by the diseases in the heart and not due to the diseases in the stomach itself. Every medicine system that deals with stomach problems as stomach disease shall meet with a grand failure for, the disease is not in the stomach but due to the emotion worry in the heart.

Worry destroys the digestive capacity of the stomach as a result of which food stays in the stomach longer than its normal stay; and the food in the stomach becomes putrid and very sourish; the more sour the food becomes the worse is the ulcer formation. The digestion is very bad affected and the end product also is defective and very bad. The end product of the food digestion is glucose which is the only fuel used by the bodily tissues and organs for their various activities. The moment the food enters the stomach its instant energy glucose is released as a test fuel to be supplied to the pancreas for testing; if the consumed food is too sour to be digested in the stomach or the food turns sour due to its long stay in the stomach because of worry, it means the glucose in the food has turned sour and it is unfit for further digestion down the gut. Therefore the pancreas will not secrete insulin even long after the food had entered the intestine. And this is the only reason why blood glucose is elevated in the food after a meal. Take not sour tasting foods such as tamarind, vinegar, lemon, tomato etc, or those foods that become sour very soon in the stomach itself such as milk and milk products like curd, butter milk, butter, tea, coffee, Milk sweets, ice creams, beverages etc. Now this is the physical reason for the diabetes, while still the mental worry stays as the prime factor.

The reason why I mention the secondary cause i.e., the food factor causing diabetes is to teach you that for the diabetic patients more harmful than the sugar is the sour taste that we add in the cooking. It is very important to note that all fruits are sourish especially grapes, pineapple, mangoes and oranges etc. These are very dangerous for the diabetic people. If the fruits are fully and naturally ripe, and really sweet, then they are the best foods for the diabetic patients and it might even cure the diabetes to a great extent. But you must always remember unless the worry is removed from the heart the disease is bound to bounce back with a vengence. Under certain circumstances every diabetic patient would have found himself free from diabetes for sometime in his life; or some days sporadically now and then despite not taking the diabetic pills. It is to be construed that those were the days when the patient was free from the mental worry which caused the stomach to function normally so that pancreas is very naturally stimulated.


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Dear Dr Rahman, I am Sundar, Male 51 years, residing at Bangaliore. Ihappen to be a diabeticfor 13 years (poor control!) with a bit of BP and cholestrol. About 2 months back i had a viral infection with joints pain all over my body. The fever went away in a few days, but the joints pain continued. I was told by my GP that this would gradually go away in a few weeks/months. Took some ayurvedic supplements (suggested by the same allopath GP) Ten days later, the joints pain subsided, but my hands and feet became numb, with pricking pain. The GP attributed this to the viral infection and advised to take mecobalamin(B12) tablets/injection, and continued with more ayurvedic supplements.(Dhanavantri & Bruhat chintamani) Meanwhile i met a neurologist for a second assessment, and went through a 'motor nerve conduction test" and was diagnosed as: 1. predominantly motor polyneuroradiculopathy (mixed type) affecting lower and upper limb nerves 2. severe bilateral median neuropathy at the level of wrist consistent with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome The neurologist said this was mostly due to the viral infection, but could be because of poor diabetes control(fast:190, PP:300) also. he added that there was no cure, and that the body would have to heal on its own. My numbness and pain has not subsided, am now trying homeopathy for a week for a cure. would request your assessment and advice, shall be able to come to Chennai for a personal consultation Thanks and have a good day! cordially, Sundar Ramanujam --By Sundar Ramanujam
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