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Gall Bladder Stones



- Lt. Col. Kaayyup


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The cause for Gall Bladder stones is excess production of Bile but non release of bile (NRB) from its bladder into the intestine; its ingredients become crystallized and get hardened; these are the stones. They may be small or big; numerous or few.


Now the question is why the bile is not released into the intestine? What is the reason for NRB?


Bile will be released only when there is food value available in the intestine. As the food enters the stomach, also enters with it are all deleterious substances such as chemicals, so called vitamins and minerals, antibiotic fertilizers; and the noxious substances used as preservatives in various canned food and drink items. The burden of neutralization of all such harmful elements falls on the liver for liver is the only organ entrusted with the neutralization of all poisons in the food; and hence the poisons are held in the tissues of the liver as blood passes through it. There is now increased production of bile in the cells of the liver as an emergency measure. It is a common sense that emergency situation shall only last as a short term situation. On the contrary it has been made perennial right from the birth; and we have made the liver a standby organ to this artificially and deliberately created emergency situation. Thus we are made to live very acutely.


The bile as it is secreted in the liver cells, it has to be passed on to the tubules in the liver tissue spaces, to be stored in the gall bladder from where it is released in to the intestine to digest the naturally available food source delivered from the stomach. Remember this: The bile is released into the intestine from the gall bladder only if it contains the food source; and any unnatural and noxious substances found in it will be absorbed into the liver tissues to be neutralized before it is released into the circulation for further digestion and utilization by the bodily system. Now NRB is the unavoidable consequence. Worse still, it takes a reverse course and pooling of bile takes place even in the tissues of the liver. The static bile slowly crystallizes and its salts form into stones.


Right from the birth we are saved constantly from this situation especially when as children we suffered from greenish loose stools with griping abdominal pain; and green colored vomiting, The green color of the vomitus is the color of the bile. In this way the bile is forcibly extracted from the gall bladder and removed from it thus saving the situation of crystallization and stone formation due to over stay.


The worst tragedy is ever inflicted on the world community since 200 years by the modern medicine alias allopathy (MaA), when it prescribes symptomatic drugs as and when the children suffered from the above situation time and again in ever increasing severity of the existing disease and diversifying of the disease into myriads of diseases when the allopathic drugs are given to stop immediately, the bilious vomiting and the green colored loose motions. This approach of MaA is purely symptomatic and as a result the side effects have reached such dangerous proportions involving the whole body as mentioned above. Now nearly 25 generations down the line since the Symptomatic Allopathy (SA) came into existence the whole population has been rendered devoid of all natural resistance. Therefore the entire bodily system is deranged and estranged. The dynamic state of the body now becomes static and later weakened. Thus the health is turned to disorder and stress.


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