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This site can help all problems? Or only Health Problems?

whether Fool Proof cure solves problems related only to health matters or to personal problems?

--By G.Haseena Begum



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Be a Believer in God
Feel Good all the time With God send News

None but God can vouch for fool proof cure; so there is no way that we question whether this site is concerned only with the health and diseases; it should reach out to one’s heart wherefrom all walks of life emerge. Here heart means the mind. Mind controls the life energy through its power generation capacity; this power is the creative force and source of liveliness to one’s life. Through this site I aim to bring out the creative cure from within one’s heart.


Some times we get entangled in tight situations either financially, or in the family affairs or in social life apart from physical ailments and mental worries. All these are due to rejection of the lively force in total disbelief. The lively force is life-giving good news that descends down upon our hearts as a Grace from the Almighty. The Good-news from Him is like this: You must Get Well; you must be Relieved from the social problems; your family feuds will soon be over; your financial crisis shall be Promisingly Flourishing; you shall not taste the poverty; you will recover from whatever physical and mental ailments that you may be suffering from. It is reminded in every body’s heart by the Best of the Protectors, the Almighty as and when the situation arises. Thus the liveliness is created anew and strengthened. Such is the Grace and the Great Help from God and whoever believes in the Good-news His life energy is rejuvenated and as a result he becomes mentally stress free and emerges with peace and steadiness in the heart.


The Peace that arise out of belief in the God send Good-news, is all-encompassing Glory Lighting your way in your front and Guiding you to the righteousness, in a direction and speed much, much beyond your efforts and knowledge of all of mankind put together could ever reach struggling all through your life. In short you will be reaching your destination that in which you believed without fear or worry; neither the grief shall touch you.


Now as a doctor in medicine, I knew practicing this system I am doing a great injustice to the mankind thus inviting the wrath of the God upon me. So when I realized this grave sin I had been committing in the medical practice I hated practicing this. Yet not knowing what else to do for the life, I stuck on to it all the time seeking forgiveness from the God for what I was doing and I was prayerful that He is the one who shall set right my affairs in righteousness. This prayer was in 1980, about 29 years ago.


In 1999 end, I was endowed with the cure through Belief. And for nine years now I have been demonstrating to the patients how to cure their diseases with untainted belief in the God send Good-news i.e you shall become alright.


This is a site that delivers good to us in all walks of life.

To be continued …
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Sir,I am 7 months pregnant.what are all the food and natural intake to keep me healthy to avoid iron and calcium tablets suggested by doctors. Is there any changes to be followed in our lifestyle during pregnancy. I used to practice yoga and walking. Avoided tv and English medicine --By Nithya
Avoid doctors and man invented or instituted yoga, walking, etc. Take good rest mentally and physically which is not possible unless you pray to God. Except for God, none shall provide you with the mental calmness and physical fitness. And that the child in you shall be inspired by God with His Wisdom at the time of its exit from your womb, it should come out without any difficulty while you are at home, peacefully.