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How to care for 6 month old baby


Dear doctor, What fruits/ food can I give to my 6 month old son? I am currently giving him pressure cooked apple, banana(malai vazhai) and Raagi kanji.Is that OK? As I am working, he is also used to milk powder(NAN).Can I give him papaya? When can I start on rice and vegetables? I want him to get rid of milk powder as soon as possible bu also worried if he would be able to digest so much solids. He refuses to drink water most of the time. I am also breast feeding him in the evenings.Please clarify me on the amount of water he should take now. He gets up in the night 3 times. He keeps rubbing around the mouth and puts both his hands into his mouth and feels uncomfortable in the day time. Will that be because he's not getting enough sleep or enough food? I have lot of pressure at office and don't want to leave it also, beacause i like the work very much.I feel always tired and have stomach ache and lower back pain. What should I do?

- Muthu

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How to care for the child


With regard to food you will not know what for a child cries; if it is for food or for water? Because food is heavier than water, we give water first for it is easily digestible than the food i.e., the milk.

Just as we know unless there is appetite the food will not be digested, we should also know that without thirtst drinking water will not be digested. Both the conditions will lead to innumerable problems the list of a few is the following.

The problems of food indigestion: stomach ulcer and pain; excess hunger; constipation; mind dullness; sleepiness; lack of energy and over tiredness; memory defect; liver diseases and so on.

The problems of water indigestion: lung diseases; chronic cough and phlegm; nasal stuffiness; blackening of the skin; puffiness of the whole body; obesity; kidney diseases and so on.

These are a few of the innumerable ill health conditions arising due to feeding with water when there is no thirst, or with food, when there is no hunger. So this is how we take care of babies when they cry. First give water, the easiest digestible of the two to be on the safe side; give first water when it cries. If the child is not thirsty but hungry after a few sips of water, it will stop drinking and the cry will soon continue after a short while. Now you give the milk; it will happily feed on it and keep quiet. If the child is thirsty it will consume the water to its heart's content and sleep off.

Next, give the child after 3 months mutton or chicken soups with its pieces mashed between the fingers and wean away the milk and the milk powders. Very important is that you have to feed only when the children cry for food and do not feed them based on your timings. Some times the child may need just one feed for the whole day. But not knowing this generally we force feed the children 3 times a day which is the starting point for all the problems and diseases that a child is going to suffer in the very near future.

Then you say: " I have lot of pressure at office and don't want to leave it also, because i like the work very much. I feel always tired and have stomach ache and lower back pain. What should I do?" As an answer I can only say quit the pressure.


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