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Bad Breath
       Dr. How to get rid of bad breath (bad odour in the mouth)? Sometimes people don't even realize they have bad breath. How do I find out if I have bad breath? Pls help. God Bless you.
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Get rid of bad breath
The Myth of Bad Breath
    Bad breath is sadly mistaken for bad mouth or teeth. It is concerned with bad air i.e. the bad breath is concerned with the air related organ, the lungs. To a certain extent the bad breath is related to the stomach where air is putrified, emanating from the empty stomach or from the static food, lurking in the stomach undigested for a long period i.e. for more than 4 to 5 hours. Normally food stays in the stomach for 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours. Any extension to this time period causes bad breath while the person speaks. How to get rid off this bad breath? Eat only when you are hungry and eat slowly helping easy digestion, and to stop bad breath from being produced due to indigestion and over stay of food in the stomach. Bad breath will be cured in just 2 days. Another way is to drink sips of water little by little in the morning hours before taking tea or coffee. The Best results will be stopping tea, coffee, milk and milk varieties for a day or two.
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