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Acupuncture vs Allopathy

Dr, "Acupuncture" will it cure all diseases or particular type of diseases. if so, why there is a long queue of patients waiting for medical doctor,rather than Acupuncture specialist? i personally believe Medical Doctors can cure the diseases faster whereas Acu is Reverse. What is ur opinion on this? I have heard ur speech recently, but your speech seems to be entirely different than others. Is there any assosiation or group u have, shall i get more info.please ... More rewards from the supreme power, if ur kind of treatment spreads the world faster to save the people. Thanks --Mujibur Rahman

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Allopathy is nuisance and nonsense

Here in Tamil Nadu there are hundreds of acupuncture practitioners in all major cities like coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Tiruchi and in many other places who successfully treat most diseases that are chronic and without cure in Allopathy. In fact the tragedy is that not only the medical doctors are ignorant of the fact that it is the medical system that made every single ailment into chronic incurable diseases, but even the pitiable, poor public at large are also ignorant of this fact.

Behold! Even an ordinary fever had been given so many names such as: flu, rat, dengue, ross, avian, HIV,  brain fever, pig, monkey fever and what not? All fevers have the same problems like, headache, body ache, sore throat, fever, cough and phlegm, bone pain, joint pain, loose motion, and vomiting, sleeplessness etc. If this is so then what is this - the jokes i.e. the innumerable names to the same fever that the allopathy spreads to the public?

If allopathy is so fast in curing why should the people resort to acupuncture? And in acupuncture clinics also you will see long queues and people waiting with tokens to take a few seconds to a few minutes treatment. Just a feather touch by the practitioner shall cure the patients of most of his ailments like a flash.

People generally have a tendency to follow the majority whether it is right or wrong. Such is the crowd you are seeing all around in the hospitals. But acupuncture is very unique that attracts only the very fortunate, and blessed patients to its fold, These are patients are the people who self-assess, ponder and reflect on matters and things and choose the best therefrom.


To be continued …
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