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Qualify To Disqualify

Hello Doctor iam from Theni Dt. I need a clarification. Pls help me to handle this situation.i want to study acu course. There are many Acu institutes in tamil nadu including "acu home" claiming that they provide recognised certificates to practice. But the Govt record says as below. GOVT.RESTRICTED SYSTEM OF MEDICINES are shown below in (i) and (ii) (i) Acupuncture (ii) Hypnotherapy Like restricted holidays are restricted to special community or religion, these two systems of therapies are restricted to medical graduates of six systems. These two therapies are not recognized but recommended to be qualified as modes of therapy to be practiced only by the Medical graduates appropriately trained namely in Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy. Health Ministry has revealed that only registered medical practitioners could provide therapeutic services for disciplines likeacupuncture and hypnotherapy considered to be mode(s) of therapy can only be provided through certificate courses for registered medical experts, who can utilize that knowledge in their regular practice, be it connected to allopathy, ayurved or homoeopathy, in their order No. R.14015/25/96-U&H(R) (Pt) dated the 25th November 2003. 1. Acupuncture: The minimum qualification prescribed to practice acupuncture is MBBS, BAMS, BHMS, BNYS, BSMS, BUMS with a qualification in acupuncture from a university approved by Govt. of India like Annamalai University, IGNOU. Annamalai University conducts a course in Acupuncture the eligibility being Medical graduation. IGNOU is conducting acupuncture course, eligibility being medical graduation. A medical graduate has to practice this along with his system only and not as separate System. Certificate from Sri Lanka or China not accepted. 2. Hypnotherapy: The Ministry of Health, Govt. of India has confirmed through Central Information Commission that the qualification prescribed to practice Hypnotherapy is (1) MBBS (2) Clinical Psychology (3) degree in Psychology (3) degree in recognized Alternative Medicines BAMS, BHMS, BNYS, BSMS, BUMS or (4) B.Sc (Nursing) with an additional qualification in Psychology from a recognized University. A medical graduate has to practice this along with his system only and not as separate System. Foreign degree and quackery degree not accepted. Medical graduate having the following additional qualification is classified as appropriately trained. i) M. Sc.(Psychology) M.A (Psychology) M.Phil (Psychology) courses of University of Rajasthan, Banaras Hindu University, Bharathidassan University, Bangalore University or any other recognized University in India. ii) M.Phil (Clinical Psychology) of The Rehabilitation Council of India. iii) Diploma, PG Diploma in Clinical Applied Hypnosis from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Delhi University or any other University. MS, M.Sc, MPhil or PhD from unrecognized or online self-styled universities in India is legally liable under various sections of IPC. (And consumer Protection Act if they have charged any fees). Any Foreign qualifications including clinical psychology or social work whether residential / correspondence / or honorary have no legal validity in India if it is not recognized by UGC or Rehabilitation Council of India. WHAT SHALL I DO? WHAT IS THE REAL FACT?
--By Joshua
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Quality is Qualification
Qualify yourselves

Never seek any certificate for certificate is no knowledge at all. You shall know your quality before qualifying your patient and bring him under your treatment. All your efforts shall be to know a subject of healing system to your perfect understanding, towards which you shall be in constant prayerfulness. Seeking the Blessings of God fro perfect wisdom and allowance for the same from Him is the real certificate, posting you up on a Higher platform, degrees above the contemporary competitors, say allopathy lobby.

The allopathy lobby is the force behind such behind the screen secret enactments of laws against the most promising system of healing like ACUPUNCTURE. If there is such a law that only qualified medical practitioners alone can learn and practice it is a sure plot against acupuncture. And it can be considered a concerted effort by all the vested interests to remove and eliminate the only system - acupuncture, that is causing death blow to allopathy so recently, most powerfully. Allopathy has jitters up its spine, as it hears the death knells as more and more news about the great grand successes that acupuncture is making on every patient diagnosed as drastically ill and considered destined to die.

And so it is very clear that the allopathy is all set to plot against the formidable challenger - the acupuncture, extremely impressive in its excellence and its growing strength with the patients. 

I advice you to go for the learning and understanding prayerfully and devotion to God, that He showers all of you with the wisdom to meet your opponent as handsomely as possible. Do not go for certificates or degrees. Do not use boards or possess business cards to claim yourself healers or even for an advertisement. Let the word of good news about the system called acupuncture spread and let the people come to know you - so that they come to you following the footfalls, even if you live in the mid of the deepest woods.

I strongly advise you to go and learn acupuncture, be patient and never go for obtaining a certificate. If you go for a certificate it is no use to you. If you go for learning then you are sure to evolve to a degree in due course and that shall be your life of glory. 

To be continued …
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Avoid doctors and man invented or instituted yoga, walking, etc. Take good rest mentally and physically which is not possible unless you pray to God. Except for God, none shall provide you with the mental calmness and physical fitness. And that the child in you shall be inspired by God with His Wisdom at the time of its exit from your womb, it should come out without any difficulty while you are at home, peacefully.