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Dear Doctor,All praises to the Creator who chosen you for the mankind to guide them in the right path.I heard in one of your lectures that blood donation is not good.why?since it gives life to the person who is about to die.your statement differs?please explain.Regards, Thankyou,Mohammed

--By Mohammed
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As a medical doctor I should strongly warn you of the misinformation and deliberate disservice done by the media and the hype created by the governments all over the world, including the WHO that dance to the tune of the drug lords of the west.

If after blood donations the patients have survived it is to be construed that despite the blood transfusion the patient has survived! All Praise be only to God, the Almighty! This means the truth is that the blood transfusion to any patient shall only deteriorate the existing condition to an even worse debility.

To cite you the reference I draw your attention to all the terminally ill patients being treated at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) die only while under intensive Care treatment with the blood transfusion is still on. If only the blood transfusion is not given they would not even have entered the chamber of Hell(CoH) i.e. ICU. 

Another important information to you is that the blood is transfused into the vein which carries the dirty, used up blood, poisonous blood. This blood is directly diverted to the liver detoxification to remove the poisonous toxins from the circulation. The blood will be destroyed in the process resulting in hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F ..... X,Y,Z ... and all such nonsenses. And then they say such hepatitis cannot be cured. In general terminology and common name to the above diagnoses is Jaundice. Allopathy does not have any knowledge regarding jaundice. And they cannot cure it for it is their medical treatment with their medicines which is the root cause for the liver failure and jaundice.

Further, the blood transfused is nothing but the urine infested blood of another person with all his diseases forces still not have come to the fore as manifested diseases. And hence the recipient of the blood transfusion is open for the mixed disease force confusing the defense force of the body, throwing the immune system of a patient into chaos and tantrums. The combined toxins of the blood of the patient and the blood of the killer donor blood escapes even the liver filter by spoiling the function of the liver and enter kidneys. Here the kidneys' urine filtering mechanism is infused with poison by the toxic materials in the mixed blood causing kidney failure and renal shut down.

Allopathy is a killer system of medicine not even fit for veterinary practice, leave alone practicing this system on humans. Take this to any specialists in Allopathy and ask them to answer to what I had written. They will never answer you for they have no answer.


To be continued …
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