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       sir, i am diabetic and sugar level recently was 167/290 and taking medicine. doctor said if i dont take medicine the sugar level will go up and affect kidneys and heart. but in you medical bulletin you have advised to stop medicine. Then how to reduce sugar and frequent urination without medicine please advice. thanking you mathew --
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English medicine's treatment is no treatment.
Diabetes is a Ghost disease
The truthfulness of a system of medicine rests in its cure; your doctor if he is truthful he should have said his medical system, the allopathy does not know the cause for diabetes so diabetes is not a diagnosis at all. It is an allopathy invented imaginary ghost thrust into your heart. Your hearts are possessed now with the ghost of doctors. With medicines or without medicines; and whether you put down your sugar or let it in its natural level your kidneys and hearts would in due course get affected. They cannot control the increasing sugar level despite medicines and so the medicines' and their doses would be constantly increased until you land up taking insulin shots. You will see all through the years your sugar was kept normal; but the heart and kidneys would eventually fail. By all means this should indicate all these years the English medicine had practised quackery on you, inventing a false diagnosis, The Diabetes. 

In short:
1. There is no diagnosis such as Diabetes
2. This diagnosis is not true for the cause of such 'diagnosis' is unknown to the english medicine.
3. Then the treatment is purely hypothetical, quackery.
4. They cause fear in your heart you must take regular drugs otherwise your kidneys and heart would fail. They are lying; even while on treatment your heart and blood vessels and kidneys would be affected.
5. There is a problem of course, but it is not sugar; because control of sugar does not rule out complications of the disease in due course, which is definitely not liked to sugar.

So what is the problem? Your mind is the of all the diseases; leave alone the diabetes.
To be continued …
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