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Salam Dear Doctor I am facing premature Ejaculation past 6-8 years p/s advise me I ’be very thankful for your reply  

aziz/ dubai




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Premature ejaculation is a state of conservation of energetic fluid that shall be wasted during prolonged sexual desire or while in mental state of constant stimulation. If there is early let out of semen as in your case and as in the case of many, many people – it only means the health of your future mentally and physically well protected very naturally. Health wise all premature ejaculation people must understand that the pre seminal fluid is very much essential to protect a man from developing prostate enlargement and later cancer formation. So premature ejaculation is not a defect but it is essential for the individual from staying perverted all the time. Be your natural self; things will improve in a well balanced way, mentally and physically as a whole.


Dear Sir, I have a few doubts. 1. Allopathy says 15th day after the period is the right time for conceiving. Is it true? 2. The man is having early ejaculation problem but sperm count is ok, if the semen goes inside before women gets the orgasm will she conceive? 3. At the time of conceive if the couple have some health problems, will it affect the kid also? Thanks in advance.

- By R Ramachandran


Category: Men,


1. It is not true. Any tine after the menses stops, is the right time


2. Again it is not true! She will conceive!


3. Yes! So wait until you become apparently normal before intercourse; and this is not for the conception point of it alone but more so for the up keeping of the general health. This applies to both the partners. If it is so then all 25 days is conception possible days.


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Sir,I am 7 months pregnant.what are all the food and natural intake to keep me healthy to avoid iron and calcium tablets suggested by doctors. Is there any changes to be followed in our lifestyle during pregnancy. I used to practice yoga and walking. Avoided tv and English medicine --By Nithya
Avoid doctors and man invented or instituted yoga, walking, etc. Take good rest mentally and physically which is not possible unless you pray to God. Except for God, none shall provide you with the mental calmness and physical fitness. And that the child in you shall be inspired by God with His Wisdom at the time of its exit from your womb, it should come out without any difficulty while you are at home, peacefully.