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Dear Doctor, Please give us the correct meaning for yin & yang - K. Ravichandran

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Yin is conscience; yang is nothing. Yin is belief; yang is worthless. Yin is wisdom; yang is hopeless knowledge. In acupuncture concentrate on Yin alone; never worry about yang. So you have only six meridians: Spleen, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Heart and CV meridians. Stomach, LI, UB, GB, P, TW and GV are useless.
Dear Doctor, Please give us the correct meaning for yin & yong - K. Ravichandran

Category: Spiritual,


Yin is the inside source, origin, the obsolute, the essence of the universal power, can be understood by reasoning and retreat.

Yang is the outside force, the destructive element imbibed into our heart irrationally due to unreasonable desires or through blind following.

"When you love you should not say, "God is in my heart," but rather, "I am in the heart of God." And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course."


Category: Spiritual,

We have to fear God all through our lives; and conduct ourselves in the path righteous so God loves us. And love does not exist as such. Having mercy and forgiveness for others' mistakes is the practical meaning of love. And this is the essence of life.

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Dear Dr Rahman, I am Sundar, Male 51 years, residing at Bangaliore. Ihappen to be a diabeticfor 13 years (poor control!) with a bit of BP and cholestrol. About 2 months back i had a viral infection with joints pain all over my body. The fever went away in a few days, but the joints pain continued. I was told by my GP that this would gradually go away in a few weeks/months. Took some ayurvedic supplements (suggested by the same allopath GP) Ten days later, the joints pain subsided, but my hands and feet became numb, with pricking pain. The GP attributed this to the viral infection and advised to take mecobalamin(B12) tablets/injection, and continued with more ayurvedic supplements.(Dhanavantri & Bruhat chintamani) Meanwhile i met a neurologist for a second assessment, and went through a 'motor nerve conduction test" and was diagnosed as: 1. predominantly motor polyneuroradiculopathy (mixed type) affecting lower and upper limb nerves 2. severe bilateral median neuropathy at the level of wrist consistent with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome The neurologist said this was mostly due to the viral infection, but could be because of poor diabetes control(fast:190, PP:300) also. he added that there was no cure, and that the body would have to heal on its own. My numbness and pain has not subsided, am now trying homeopathy for a week for a cure. would request your assessment and advice, shall be able to come to Chennai for a personal consultation Thanks and have a good day! cordially, Sundar Ramanujam --By Sundar Ramanujam
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