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dear sir, i am 31 yrs old ,i am fat ,already i got abortion in 4 months .doctors are saying that i have little sugar ,thats post sugar. my pregnancy will affects due to obesity and sugar?...

--By sudhakathiresan

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No you are perfectly ok. Never show yourself to any doctor of allopathic system of medicine, viz., DGO specialists or Duabetic specialists. They know nothing about pregnancy or diabetes. Go about your normal life and living. You will conceive if only you safe guard against all medicine and clear your mind of the diagnoses the docs have made on you.


I got regular periods.i got one child.further i dont want any kid.what should i do to prevent that.even if i had any sexual relationship durind those days what can i do ?can i use tablets.

- Gayatri



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Using tablets will cause in the near future all endocrine disturbances and disorders and your health condition will be disastrous. Any sexual intercourse must have a total fulfillment to the mind and body; and if cause any obstruction to this will have an impact on the mind and brain functional incapacities. Our mind and physical needs will be out of focus and thus all our future will be out of reach. Sex is such an evolved, extraordinary grace from God that must be used so that it will deliver its reward, a goodly reward. If sex is considered as a pleasure thing alone, then there is this future diseases: Obesity, arthritis, thyroid diseases, menstrual disturbances menopausal distresses and so on. So you decide; and seek the protection and help from God. Receive good senses from Him; I feel you can have kids for you are not the one who will care for it; but God will. So have no fear and lead your God Graced life by using it judiciously.


I have irregular periods from the date of puberty, of a frequency of once in two months, still now i have not taken any medicines, how to proceed further. when i have my periods i have a heavy flow for nearly 7days.

- divya


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Already good compensation is going on for your delayed menses; As to the flow what you have is perfectly normal for your physical and mental disposition. Even if you have heavy flow it would not cause any problem for it always differs from person to person and from period to period; slowly things might change only if the menses is abnormal for you. Otherwise, what you have at present is absolutely normal. Wish you many, many such nice peaceful periods!

Dr., I'm feeling so tired & uncomfortable for the past 2 days...(now in end of 7th month of pregnancy)...I'm eating healthy food only...swelling of the feet still continues...i have increased in weight the tiredness due to weight gain?... what to do dr.....? Regards,


- Avanya Kaarthiban


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Dear Avanya,


First forget that you are pregnant and never start counting down the date of delivery. The delivery dates the D.O.Gs have given you is a childish one that comes out of their utter ignorance. The delivery will take place on time, at home even in your sleep. Take away the fear of pregnancy from your mind. By God’s grace your tiredness will go and you will be ok. And just for 2 days you are tired. Why this should cause fear in you? Eat well and cool down.  And yes, take mutton, chicken and fish in any form you like. Let the weight increase. It is a sign of mental prosperity. But the tiredness will go. Tell me how you feel after 2 days and once you are comfortable seek in your prayer: O God, increase my faith in you!


Dear Doctor, I had already sent a request. I think it has not reached you. Doctor, now I am 21 weeks pregnant. Though my husband does not want to take me to medical check-up, in Saudi we have to go for medical check up for other reasons(like passport, visa endorsement...etc) Doctor in the early weeks of pregnancy my blood pressure was so high....but I did not take the treatment. It is now normal. During my 4th month they had diagnosed that I have diabetes. But I do not follow any thing that they advised. I too believe modern medicines will never bring good health. Now at times I feel severe calf muscle and abdominal far I have taken 8 anti emetic pills due to extreme vomiting. I regularly read & watch your explanations in Health Time Magazine, TV and website.  Now I don’t want to take medicines. Kindly help & bless me for normal delivery. Thanks.
-Nimmi Sudhakar

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Pregnancy: How safe is it under Modern Medicine?
Save yourself from the deadly Allopathy/

I hope you are not taking vomiting pills any more. If you have been taking any pill for anything, stop it right now. You are not creating the child in your womb; but it is being created by God. You have nothing to deal with it. None, even as the mother you do not have control over the emerging new life. Vomiting is caused by the reaction by the new life energy to the poisonous or toxic substances embedded in the uterus, which is now the world of the fetus. These substances are from those bad foods or the allergic foods not agreeable to your life energy which you have been eating all through your life until before conception. Now that you are conceived, the new life energy identifies these toxic substances during the very early weeks of pregnancy and strives to throw out or neutralize the toxins from your body substance.

So until the job is done completely, you are not supposed to be feeding on your old food habits; and you will throw out every thing that you eat. The life energy changes your taste for the unaccustomed foods which you will like for some time. You have to follow this through out your 9 months of conception and change completely from the old terrible food tastes that you liked all these years. As the toxins are removed from your body your vomiting will stop. To aid your natural system you will not eat anything for 24 hours the moment you feel the morning sickness. Or even a little longer i.e. for another 24 hours. And that is it! The morning sickness is cured in just one day’s time. Thereafter you will blossom like anything; your face becomes bright and color becomes fair and you start looking beautiful and graceful. This is all due to the fresh new life energy in the womb.

Because of the filthy modern medicine, you had stopped the reaction by taking the vomiting pills; and so in addition to the existing toxins the drug toxins also have been added. Yet, the body reaction system is very much alive as long as the new life energy is growing. This is the reason why in most women the vomiting does not stop at all despite the heavy drugs of modern medicine. It is all because the modern medicine does not know or possess the common sense; and because of this the modern medicine is barbaric; they will strongly advise you not to proceed with the beautiful life energy and eventually they will coax you into accepting an abortion; and thrust in your mind if you fail to comply you and your child will die.

Your vomiting has been arrested for now with the anti emetic drugs; this is not the end. It is the beginning of the most torturous life for the life ahead. The whole body begins to react within you against the toxins. The liver, the muscles, the lungs, the stomach, the spleen and the heart muscles begin to react against the toxic energy present in it. The elimination through mouth has been stopped with the drugs; so the other outlets are to open now. The other outlets are the lungs and its elimination through the nose as continuous early morning sneezing; this is the changed atmosphere to the early morning sickness; then the running nose, constant phlegm formation, intractable sinusitis and splitting headache. They might even develop asthma during or following the first or second delivery for the same reason.

The next elimination route is the intestine. Bile is secreted in excess and there may be reverse entry of the bile into the stomach instead of its entry into the intestine, resulting in stomach ulcer which may end up even in cancer. Before that there will be lack of appetite, the same feeling of morning sickness but with a difference in that that you will develop distaste for the food; constant loose motion will also be the eventuality. Then the idiotic modern medicine will stop the loose motion with its lethal drugs. Further complication of the morning sickness is ensured; the other out let is the skin; the largest elimination organ in the body comes into life and begins to show the allergic reaction on the skin surface; and the skin is the last of the normal elimination routes that the body uses to eliminate the poisons from the bodily tissues. Now the killer modern medicine comes equipped with its deadliest drug, the anti histamine drugs and cortisones. The deadliest job is complete the moment you have taken to this line of treatment. With these medicines the final injury is inflicted upon the defense energy and the immune system of the body. Your immunity is lost and you are open for any kind of disease and its fast spread in the absence of the immunity.

Finally only one elimination organ is left. The kidneys! All the toxins and poisons reach the kidneys. The kidneys are very sensitive organs in that it causes very rebellious feeling of sickness when it is getting damaged by anything that disturbs its function even in the least. The very early signs of kidney damage are weakness in the bones; knee joint pains and major long bone pains; the sleep disturbances; the malaise and tiredness; off and on fever which will never be controlled by the drugs like chicken gunya and other types of fevers of long drawn nature. Then there is the aversion for any food and hiccups and vomiting develop with restlessness; the blood pressure shoots up when the kidneys are being damaged by the drugs. The legs, feet and face swell up the heralding features of kidney failure. This when happens during the latter period of pregnancy it is very deadly state for the mother and the child. The reason for all the problems and sufferings until death in the torture chamber of modern medicine, the I.C.U., the final abode of the patients under the care of modern medicine. This is the whole story of the Allopathy, alias the idiotic modern medicine.

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Dear Dr Rahman, I am Sundar, Male 51 years, residing at Bangaliore. Ihappen to be a diabeticfor 13 years (poor control!) with a bit of BP and cholestrol. About 2 months back i had a viral infection with joints pain all over my body. The fever went away in a few days, but the joints pain continued. I was told by my GP that this would gradually go away in a few weeks/months. Took some ayurvedic supplements (suggested by the same allopath GP) Ten days later, the joints pain subsided, but my hands and feet became numb, with pricking pain. The GP attributed this to the viral infection and advised to take mecobalamin(B12) tablets/injection, and continued with more ayurvedic supplements.(Dhanavantri & Bruhat chintamani) Meanwhile i met a neurologist for a second assessment, and went through a 'motor nerve conduction test" and was diagnosed as: 1. predominantly motor polyneuroradiculopathy (mixed type) affecting lower and upper limb nerves 2. severe bilateral median neuropathy at the level of wrist consistent with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome The neurologist said this was mostly due to the viral infection, but could be because of poor diabetes control(fast:190, PP:300) also. he added that there was no cure, and that the body would have to heal on its own. My numbness and pain has not subsided, am now trying homeopathy for a week for a cure. would request your assessment and advice, shall be able to come to Chennai for a personal consultation Thanks and have a good day! cordially, Sundar Ramanujam --By Sundar Ramanujam
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